picture of trikes built by Kool Trikes

Kool Trikes is a manufacturer of trike conversion kits for touring, cruising, and custom motorcycles. As a manufacturer, whether you want a straight axle, or our favorite, an independent suspension trike, we can work with you and fit our trike kit to whatever your needs may be. If you are looking for stability on your motorcycle, the ride of a lifetime, and outstanding performance, take a look at a Kool Trike.

Trike conversion kits are fast becoming the way to get years of enjoyment out of your favorite bike. Trikes give you the freedom to enjoy the open road with confidence. We think you will appreciate the value and affordability that our trike conversion kits, raked trees, fairings, and tour paks have to offer.

We offer three choices of independent suspensions, four choices of straight axle units, and different choices of wheelbase. We can trike any belt, chain, or shaft drive bike and can help you find the trike that best fits your needs and riding style.

Our core business remains converting bikes to trikes. However, for the rider that does not own a motorcycle, we belong to a nation-wide locator service that makes it easier to find a motorcycle that is suitable for converting to a trike. We also have trikes ready to ride. Come in and view our inventory. See which one of our trikes best fits your needs.